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On the eve of Black History Month, Black Twitter has once again proven that they are an unstoppable force with the wit and jokes when it comes to a hot trending topic. The hashtag #TweetLikeThe1600s was sparked at some point on Tuesday (Jan. 30) and is still going strong today although not everyone is finding it to be a laughing matter.

“This whole #TweetLikeThe1600s hashtag is not funny at all… we’re the only group of people who do this stupid ignorant sh*t… you never see Jewish people get on Twitter and hashtag “Tweetlike1941inGermany” We’re the only people who laugh at our own demeaning,” Jason Andrew Hale tweeted from his @EchoesFromAbove account.

Countering this fair point was Michaela Reneé, who wrote on her @MichaelWithAn_A account, “These #Tweetlikethe1600s aren’t meant to be ignorant or disrespectful. It just shows one of black people’s many superpowers of being able to turn pain into something uplifting. Relax & laugh, Lord.”

We can see it from both sides but for the most part, it’s all been largely jokes. We’ve collected some of the best responses below and on the following pages. And like someone noted, Harriet Tubman was born in the 1800s, not 1600s. That’s probably one of the biggest missteps in this trending topic but let the kids cook.


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