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Drake continues to flash his wallet and give back across Southern Florida, this time turning his attention to a working mother of five. The Canadian superstar was moved by the story of Fontainebleau hotel housekeeper Odelie Paret and her long commute to work, thus gifting her with a $10,000 shopping spree after spoiling her a bit with dinner and a spa treatment.

The Miami Herald reports:

After dinner, a car was waiting to take Paret and a friend to Brickell City Centre, where they waited until the shopping center closed.

It was there, standing before Saks Fifth Avenue, that a hand touched her shoulder.

It belonged to Drake.

The hip-hop star was inspired by a Miami Herald story detailing the plight of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach housekeeper, whose torturous daily commute is common for the many hospitality workers who struggle with Miami-Dade’s rising rents, subpar public transportation system and stagnant wages.

Paret said she recognized Drake from television and it was him and Pittsburgh Steelers player Antonio Brown that took her and two other local women on the 45-minute shopping spree. Paret managed to collect some high-end perfume, an expensive handbag, and a lavish diamond necklace with all her items equalling near the $10,000 limit.

The outlet adds that Paret’s shopping spree experience will be part of a music video Drake is shooting.

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