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Imagine this, Spider-Man is Sam Bowie and the rest of the Marvel franchise of characters is Michael Jordan. You’re Sony and you have a chance to acquire all of them BUT you decided to put all of your eggs in the Spider-Man basket.

According to new recently revealed information that’s exactly what happened to Sony.


Sony had the golden opportunity to own all of  Marvel’s characters for just $25 million because at the time the comic book company was struggling. Sony could have had their hands on Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and hottest character on the block right now Black Panther as well as Spider-Man.

According to an excerpt from a new book, The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies the author Ben Fritz writes that a Sony executive by the name of Yair Landau was approached by Marvel for the deal. Laundau takes the deal back to his bosses and he recalled them saying to him “Nobody gives a sh*t about any of the other Marvel characters. Go back and do a deal for only Spider-Man.”

It was this rejection that helped Marvel make the best decision ever and start making the movies themselves eventually inking them a deal with the iconic mouse. Some might say it was a blessing cause Sony would have ruined all of those Marvel movies we have come to love. Sony came around by lending their franchise player to Marvel and we have new Venom movie on the way. Disney recently acquired Fox and all of its Marvel franchises so, yes, that means no more calling mutants “miracles.”

This is arguably one of the biggest business blunders ever and we are sure Sony is kicking themselves right now at all the money they missed out on. If you want to read more about the dumbest from The Big Picture head over to The Wall Street Journal for the full excerpt. Hit the flip to see what comic book Twitter had to say about Sony’s blunder.



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