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Watts finest Jay Rock has been on a roll this month with a 30-day assault of music to the Internet. While his Warner Bros. debut is still in the making, Jay Rock spoke to Hip-Hop Wired about the major flood of music and the hold up of his album after releasing the bang out single “All My Life (Ghetto)” with Weezy F. Baby over a year ago.

“Basically what I’m doing, I don’t want to be one of those dudes that put out an album just for the sake of saying I have an album out and it don’t do nothing. I feel like when I got the right support, I feel like when I got everybody behind me, and basically I got the world on my shoulders and everybody supporting me, then I’ll drop the album. But right now I’m just gone continue to feed the streets until I know I got everybody’s attention. I just need that support. When I drop my album, I want it to do what it’s supposed to do.”

Not one to rest on just that, Jay Rock also announced that he will be dropping an official single with a “big surprise” on it at the end of the month. Speaking on what made him come up with the “30-Day Takeover,” he said,

“My pops had passed away recently and I was going through a lot of stuff. So then I told myself I’m gone take over the game so I went in and just started knocking out songs. So I got back on my grind and was in the studio like four days straight, I didn’t even go home. It’s real music that people gone love. I gotta go hard with it. I see a lot of people killing that Internet game and that’s where it’s at. Killing that internet with some good material so I made up my mind I’m gone go in and show them Jay Rock’s hustle. It’s a lot of original material too so I’m just letting the streets tell me what they think about it. I got plenty of material so I just want that support so I’m getting everybody ready for the album. I might mess around and do another one. Just gearing up for the next single to continue to give that streets that good music with the mixtapes until that day come from the official album to drop.”

Jay Rock is also bombarding the mixtape circuit with everyone from DJ Drama to DJ Kay Slay. Check below for some heat from one of Cali’s next kings.

Jay Rock – “Triumph”

03) – Triumph Freestyle

Jay Rock – “No Mask On”

01) – No Mask On

Jay Rock – “Plenty Money”

08) – Plenty Money

Jay Rock feat. Glasses Malone – “Dollars Make Sense”

10) – Dollars Make Sense Ft Glasses Malone

Jay Rock – “Best Head I Ever Had”

11) – Best Head I Ever Had