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Nintendo Switch Charging Stand

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo

Nintendo’s money-making machine, the Switch allows gamers to play in unique ways. Wanting to charge your system while in tabletop mode is an absolute hassle but the company announced a remedy for that issue. 

Nintendo revealed a new $20 charging stand that will allow you to get your Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on while charging in tabletop mode. All those worries about ruining your cord due to the location of the charging port at the bottom will become a thing of the past. The new stand rectifies that issue by putting its adapter on the side.

The charging stand is adjustable allowing you to fix your view based on your environment. Playing on the go as displayed in the first ads for the system is now easier and useful than ever. Nintendo LABO fans will also appreciate this new accessory as well, the new stand should help with more complicated LABO projects that were a strain on the Switch’s battery life.

There is some bad news for those folks hoping the new accessory will allow HDMI outputting or the ability to hook the system up to a TV this is not that accessory. BUT for $20 this is definitely worth adding to your collection of Switch peripherals when it arrives July, 13th.

Photo: Nintendo