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Mega Man 11

Source: Capcom / Capcom

Capcom announced last year everyone’s favorite super fighting robot, Mega Man will return in an all-new adventure sometime this year to commemorate the franchise’s 30th anniversary.  Now we have an exact date to lock in on our calendars. 

Yesterday Capcom revealed Mega Man 11 will be available on October 2nd on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Mega Man 11 will feature all of the classic side-scrolling and power-stealing action we have come to love from previous Mega Man titles, but there are some tweaks in the form of new challenges and powers.

On top of being able to steal the abilities of defeated baddies, Mega Man will now have three new upgrades called Speed Gear, Power Gear and Double Gear. The three systems were the brainchild of both Dr.Light and Dr. Wily back in their younger days when they both studied together at Robot  University.  Dr. Wily wants to use them in his diabolic scheme for world domination. Dr.Light sees an opportunity to upgrade his prized creation Mega Man with the upgrades as well as a powerful prototype Double Gear system to stop Wily. Speed Gear will allow players to slow down time, Power Gear will give the iconic Mega Buster a significant power boost and Double Gear will give Mega Man the ability to use both abilities when his health is critical.

Mega Man 11

Source: Capcom / Capcom

Mega Man 11 is the just the tip of the iceberg though. All year long fans of the franchise can look forward to games coming out featuring the character. Nintendo Switch owners were already blessed with Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 that featured all 10 of the previous games. Fans of the Mega Man X franchise can look forward to the Mega Man X Legacy Collection landing on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC July 24th. We sincerely hope there is a new Mega Man X game in the pipeline though.

Check out the trailer for Mega Man 11 below.

Photo: Capcom


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