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Dayonn Davis, a teenager in Georgia who had no previous criminal record, appears to be the victim of being in the wrong place at the absolute wrong time. Davis was given five years in prison and 10 years of probation over a $100 pair of sneakers which has ignited some frenzied debate over mandatory sentencing.

CBS46 Atlanta reports:

A Columbus teen will spend the next five years behind bars after being convicted of stealing a pair of tennis shoes.

Prosecutors say Dayonn Davis robbed a man of his tennis shoes and during the incident, his friend pulled out a gun. Now, the Columbus teen is going to prison.

Davis was sentenced to five years in prison along with 10 years probation. The sentence was actually part of a plea deal that reduced his armed robbery charge to robbery.

Criminal defense attorney Matt Crosby says not taking that deal would have been risky and could have meant life in prison.

Despite Davis’ claims he didn’t know his friend was looking to rob the man of the Nike sneakers via force, the judge in the matter saw fit to throw the book at the teen.

Via Twitter, some believe that the time Davis has to serve as excessive.

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