Things go downhill immediately in this episode when everyone gathers for lunch. Tokyo apologizes to Rasheeda for not attending her grand opening due to a “mishap.” Spice trolls Tokyo by asking her what exactly that “mishap” was. The two get into a back and forth about who disrespected who and with Spice still upset about Tokyo trying hit her upside the head with her purse.

Spice and Tokyo beefing again causes Estelita and Sierra to start chirping at each other as well. As Rasheeda tries to calm things down with the group, Spice decides she has had enough and throws her entire meal on Tokyo. A brawl almost breaks out between the two but thanks to Mona’st top-notch security a major crisis was averted once again. Tokyo did end up on the floor once again sending her into a screaming rage.

As the drama was going Mimi who has been chilling this season watched from a safe distance while enjoying her meal.

Spice and Estelita were both taken to the conveniently located minivans to diffuse the situation. Somehow, Spice manages to get out the van and tries to charge at Tokyo again. Meanwhile, the white folks who were making the food for the rowdy bunch just watched in amazement as these people got each other.

As the arguing continues, Karlie eventually gets caught up in the drama as well because of course, she does. For some reason, Karlie decides to bring up the fact she is having issues with her father before she is escorted out of the scene as well.

All of this because of Tabius and fat shaming. Unbelievable.


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