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At TennoCon 2018,, Warframe developer, Digital Extremes announced not one but two expansions coming soon for players with the added bonus of ship-to-ship combat.”Fortuna” is the follow-up to the “Plains of Eidolon” open-world update and will take gamers to Venus this go around. The second expansion called “Codename: Railjack” will allow players to experience ship-to-ship combat. 

Not many thought Warframe developers could outdo “Plains of Eidolon,” but it looks like they have gone above and with Fortuna and Codename: Railjack. 

Here are the breakdowns of each new update from Digital Extremes:


“Starting from the underground Colony of Fortuna where players pick up bounties and missions, Tenno (players’ in-game name) will ascend to the surface of The Orb Vallis to view an exotic new terrain blanketed with Orokin structures, towering mushroom stands, and oceanic flora. Tenno will be able to traverse the landscape more quickly with the Bondi K-Drive, a single-player hoverboard that nimbly jets across the landscape at the touch of a controller.”

Codename: Railjack

“Players will coordinate responsibilities across the military spacecraft to engage in PvE combat against hostile enemies. The full space experience grants extensive player freedom with options to launch Archwings into space to board, infiltrate and destroy enemy ships during battles. This future update looks to create a cohesive gameplay experience between Warframe’s open Landscapes, procedurally generated levels, and a new outer-space freedom in a unique sci-fi world.”

Looks very impressive, Digital Extremes announced a partnership with developer Panic Button to bring Warframe to the Nintendo Switch. With this announcement the company hopes to “satisfy the growing demand for Warframe’s free-to-play cooperative online action.”

Now for those of you hearing about Warframe for the first time here is a quick breakdown. Warframe launched back in 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC and is free-to-play third-person shooter which takes players across space. Thanks to stellar post-release content, Warframe is now the fourth-most played game on Steam. So if your late to the world of Warframe looks like now is a better than time than ever to jump on the bandwagon.

Photo: Digital Extremes