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A Maryland company which produces one of the most beloved spices among seafood lovers is suing a Pittsburgh company for completing biting their style. McCormick & Co., which makes the popular Old Bay seasoning, filed suit against Primal Palate for their flip of the spice known as New Bae for obvious reasons.

Bloomberg reports:

So, McCormick was not amused when an upstart spice maker, Primal Palate LLC, announced in October 2017 that it would start selling a seasoning blend called New Bae. In announcing the new product, Pittsburgh-based Primal admitted the name was “a terrible pun” intended to promote a “bay seasoning” using the texting-lingo shorthand for “Before Anyone Else.”

McCormick sued in Maryland federal court in Baltimore on Monday. The company says the New Bae name confuses consumers into thinking the two spices are related, and diminishes the good reputation and value of its Old Bay trademark.

“We do not see legal merit to the claims that McCormick has made,” Primal Palate said Tuesday in a statement. “Primal Palate understands and respects McCormick’s desire to police its trademarks. However, in this instance, there is nothing actionable to police.”

It appears that this issue is on its way to being resolved in the coming year as McCormick is demanding that a trademark not be issued to Primal Palate and that the product is removed from store shelves.

That’s all fine and dandy but what we wanna know is when are companies going to stop being corny and putting the “bae” slang in everything?

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