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Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas

Source: Bernard Smalls / Hip-Hop Wired

I’ve seen and used many wireless speakers but nothing quite like the Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas. Sound quality isn’t what sets this speaker apart from the rest, it’s the devices ability to display the lyrics from songs you’re listening to on the front display.

COTODAMA Joins Abbey Road Red + Announces Lyric Speaker Canvas


When I was first presented with the opportunity to get a hands-on review, I said yes immediately. When it finally arrived I didn’t expect the speaker to be as big it was I must admit. The device is about 19″ wide, 15 3/4″ high, and 4 3/4″ deep, it’s a bit heavy weighing about 11 pounds so you definitely should place it somewhere very sturdy. You definitely don’t want this bad boy dropping for one particular reason I will get to later in the review.


Lyric Sync Technology

The speaker’s ability to display lyrics is its most significant and most fantastic feature. Cotodama wants users of their products to believe in the power of lyrics, and this Lyric Speaker Canvas is a great tool to help accomplish that goal. The Japanese company’s “Lyric Sync Technology” works flawlessly. I really wanted to see if it could seamlessly switch up languages and tested it by playing Cardi B’s hit single “I Like It” and it I was very impressed.


Thanks to Japanese creative agency, Tom’s lab, the Canvas Lyric Speaker delivers impressive room-filling sound. Vocals come in very crisp, so the speaker is definitely not just something to look at.

Design and Setup

The Lyric Speaker Canvas is designed to look like two record sleeves just casually sitting on your shelve or mantle. Its a simple look for a device that injects life into your home through music both visually and sonically. When people come into your apartment or house and see the lyrics flashing across I guarantee they will be amazed.

As far as setup, the speaker can be easily set over your Wi-Fi connection using either via iOS AirPlay, or Google Cast on Android. You can link the speaker to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, AWA, Google Play, and Utapass.



I don’t consider this much of setback because the speaker is impressive. Like its $4500 predecessor, the Lyric Speaker Canvas is expensive and will cost you $1700. But for a fantastic piece of technology that is hand designed and considered a functional high-art concept to decorate your home with I definitely understand the price.  I definitely would like to see Cotodama somehow make a much more affordable model because I honestly feel everyone should be able to experience it or at least something close.

Slight Delay

Depending the on the speed of the song, I did notice there was a slight delay with the speaker trying to keep up and displaying the lyrics. It eventually caught up, but it can be noticeable at times.

Missing Lyrics

Cotodama does have an impressive library of songs in its database that will display the lyrics when you play them. But there are still some songs that will not show lyrics. You can submit the songs yourself, and it does seem they work pretty quickly to get them into the system. For example, Meek Mill’s song “What’s Free” was not available upon its release but about 2 weeks later when I played it the lyrics for the record was showing.

Final Verdict

The Cotodama Lyric Speaker Canvas is a piece of technology you will never see yourself getting bored with. It gives listeners a new way to experience the music they love and visually observing the lyrics from your favorite Jay-Z or Biggie record flash across the screen in different variations never gets old. If you have the coins to spare it would be a purchase you wouldn’t regret. For more information on Cotodama’s products, you can head to the website.