Humboldt Park Alligator

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Rest well, Chicagoans for the elusive alligator known as Chance The Snapper has finally been apprehended.

For the past week a lagoon in Chicago’s Humboldt Park has been home to the reptile which resulted in sections of the park being closed off to the public. But after scouring the park for 36 hours in search of the alligator, Crocodilian Specialist Frank Robb was able to capture Chance and once again make Humboldt Park a safe haven for families looking to enjoy a little nature.

“Never been to Chicago. Never been to Illinois. The first gator i’ve caught out of Florida, so yeah, it was amazing,” Robb said of his latest capture.

Though the average person would be fearful of such an animal on the loose in a public park, Chicagoans actually had fun with the situation doing everything from conjuring up T-Shirts to having a naming contest for the reptilian visitor. How Chance The Snapper ended up in The Windy City is anyone’s guess but at least he’ll now be taken someplace a bit more familiar to his species.

Frank Robb meanwhile threw out the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs Tuesday night game against the Cincinnati Reds at Wrigley Field.