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While Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones hopes that his plead for a light sentence convinces the judge to shave some years off his upcoming sentence, another Tekashi 6ix9ine associate actually got that blessing but not without having paid a heavy price behind bars.

Page Six is reporting that court Judge Paul Engelmayer decided to take two years off of Roland “Ro Murda” Martin’s sentence after Martin publically renounced his membership to the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. Unfortunately Martin’s public declaration led to him getting jumped and stabbed by fellow inmates while he was locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center by other gang members who felt betrayed by his public announcement.

“You have now been on both sides of violence,” Manhattan federal court Judge Paul Engelmayer told Roland “Ro Murda” Martin before sentencing him to five and a half years in prison for racketeering conspiracy related to his involvement with Nine Trey.”

The attacked led to Roland Martin suffering a wrist wound, a lacerated liver and two collapsed lungs after the May 30 attack. Still, the attack did nothing to deter Roland’s promise of following a straight and narrow path from here on.

The former high-ranking gang member also spoke about the stabbing after apologizing for his actions, saying: “I left that life behind me, and I paid the price.” “It was the most terrifying experience of my life,” he said. “I’m lucky to be alive.”

Though the judge told Martin he “deeply respected” the stand he’s taken, the judge still felt his past actions warranted time in prison.

“You ran with Nine Trey, committed crimes with them as a fully grown, married man in his late thirties,” Engelmayer stated. “I hope you learn from this tour in prison what you didn’t the last time.”

Tekashi meanwhile will learn if all his dime dropping added up to a lesser sentence come December. He must feel confidant about his chances of a 2020 release as it’s said he’s already copping beats in an effort to restart his rap career the minute he touches home. Expect him to have security up the ass for the rest of his life though.

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