Saigon Weighs In On Budden


Before the world of rap began hating Joe Budden, a fire was ignited between him and rapper Saigon. Through words from Budden that were misconstrued, a lyrical battle ensued between the two as Saigon put out “Underachiever” and “Pushin’ Buddens” and the Jerz native responded with “Letter to Saigon” and “Pain In His Life.”

Since then, life has almost been hell for Budden as he has sparked issues with the likes of Method Man, Raekown, Busta Rhymes, MC Shan and others that have all provided their own commentary on why they have qualms with Jumpoff.

It had to come full circle, however, as Ms. Drama spoke with the man that initially ignited that campaign to weigh in on Joey.

“I was the first domino that did this to him.”

Saigon further elaborates by saying that once Budden decided to go at it with him, everyone else fell in line and saw the opening that they could take in regards to going at the Jersey rapper. As Saigon states it simply, Budden should have never got at him because his life has been ruined, along with his career, ever since then.

Of course the New York rapper also throws in his two cents in regards to the six on one battle that left Jumpoff wounded with an eye jammy and an arm in a sling.

“I was mad that he didn’t fight back. After talking about me when I went out like a hero…Ni*&a, it was six people. I think I could beat six people, or at least have a fair [one]…aww man.”

Surprisingly enough, in relation to his group Slaughterhouse, Saigon takes off his hat for their collective effort and establishing the dominance that lyrics have, but also says that their focus on lyrical slaughter could also lead to their downfall.

“I think they can rap, I just don’t think these motherfu**ers can make records. I don’t think there’s one song on there that we’ll be singing two years from now.”

This statement, however, comes from a rapper that had to resort to doing a track OJ Da Juiceman in order to set up a buzz which essentially means that he is now willing to dumb himself down and water down his craft in order to be heard.

For all of those that were wondering when The Greatest Story Never Told will actually be heard, as far as he knows it should be sometime in 2010, but don’t hold your breath. In the mean time, however long that is, Warning Shots 2 should be out September 29.