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Just when you thought crunk was dead, it looks like it might just be back. Lil Jon, the originator and arguably the leader of the south’s crunk movement, is stepping back on the scene. Sans his silently dynamic partners in crime, The Eastside Boys, Jon is rolling solo for the first time and releasing Crunk Rock. The new album is set to pack a punch with features from R. Kelly, Akon and the south’s current “golden boy” Soulja Boy.  Jon told that fans can expect every Lil Jon they’ve come to know on this album and even hear a new sound of Jon as he works with the electro Hip-Hop group, LMFAO.

“This album has all the Lil Jons you’ve ever heard. From the crunk Lil Jon, to the Usher-like Lil Jon, to the electro Lil Jon who’s hanging with LMFAO. I’ve got to touch all my fans.”

Unfortunately for fans ready to hear Jon and his multiple personalities, you’ll have to wait just a little while longer. Crunk Rock is not scheduled to hit stores until November 24. For people that can’t wait that long, don’t get too upset yet. The first of surely many leaks from the album recently hit the net. The song is titled “Give It All U Got” and has a techno-pop feel. Incredibly bubble-gum and featuring vocals from singer Kee, it should be perfect for teeny boppers and avid listeners to bouncy dance music rappers like Flo Rida and Pitbull.

You can listen to Lil Jon and Kee “Give It All U Got” below:

So does this mean crunk really is dead? This song is definitely NOT what we were expecting….