From the beginning of the summer to the end, peace is nowhere in sight for one of the reigning monarchs of the Atlanta’s music scene. Sharing the same mantle of power as T.I. and Ludacris is Young Jeezy, whom has found himself the target of several emotionally laced diss tracks as of late. The most recent comes from a former colleague and compatriot, Jody Breeze, whom has decided to take aim at the Snowman for reasons that are still clear only to himself.

Employing the hard laced track found on “Uptown,” the underrated and often ignored rapper from the Georgia boondocks takes a myriad of personal, seemingly pain-induced emotional jabs at a man that once shared stages and rocked crowds with him. Breeze even called Mr.17.5’s street affiliations and history into question, a minor jab before insulting his family.

Four years ago, both men were members in P. Diddy’s southern rap group, Boyz N’ Da Hood, along with Duke and Big Gee. Issues arose between the two when Jeezy, who set the streets on fire with his legendary Trap or Die mixtape, parlayed his success into a tool for stronger negotiations in the boardroom which resulted in him being signed to a one album deal with Bad Boy Records and a very lucrative deal with Def Jam. Perhaps due to ignorance, the remaining members of the group were never able to imitate the breakout success Jeezy found, and faded into the annals of southern Hip-Hop history.

Jody Breeze’s biggest hit to date has been 2005’s “Stay Fresh,” a duet with Jazze Pha. With a chart topping hit like that, it’s no wonder Breeze feels that he made Jeezy’s career, as he once humbly proclaimed. Gorilla Zoe was in Boyz N Da Hood too and you don’t see Big Gee or Duke making dissin’ him. I think I smell another “Stay Strapped” in the air, maybe followed up with a touch of “24,23.”

You could say the Griffin, GA MC committed career suicide, but you have to have a career first in order to kill it.

Check out the track below.

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