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Iowa Man Arrested For Calling Bomb Threat To McDonalds For Missing Sauce

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

These Caucasians are losing their minds.

As seen on TMZ, an insanely hungry white man from Iowa lost it after discovering he had no dipping sauce for his McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets. Authorities revealed to the celebrity gossip site that the man was arrested for calling in a fake bomb threat for the innocent mistake on the restaurant’s part.

Per TMZ:

Ankeny PD Lt. Rob Kovacs tells TMZ … Robert Golwitzer Jr. was arrested for making a false report of an explosive or incendiary device — a class D felony, we’re told — after cops say he called the Mickey D’s where he’d just picked up an order of nuggets and said he hoped the restaurant would blow up … because they forgot his sauces.

According to TMZ, Golwitzer Jr. also threatened to put hands on the employee who forgot his dipping sauce. The McDonald’s in question shared his number with local law enforcement and contacted him. Golwitzer Jr. came down to the station and admitted to his ridiculous behavior, and was subsequently arrested. Goldwitzer Jr. was released from the Polk County Jail on Sunday (Jun.27) after posting bond 98.1 KHAK reports. 

As for the dipping sauce he was so angry McDonald’s forgot to give him, that remains a mystery. Still, that’s no reason to totally lose your cool and threaten to blow up a fast-food restaurant. We guess he couldn’t eat his Chicken McNuggets without his sweet and sour or bbq sauce.

Just add this to the long list of stories of white folks doing insanely stupid things.

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty