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In a recent interview with ITN,  LL Cool J stated  that he may be back in the studio soon to follow up on his last album “Exit 13” but wasn’t in a rush to throw something out. Promoting his new self-help book LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 Lifestyle and Diet: A Full-Circle Guide to Developing […]

“We are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career…” LL Cool J is the latest victim of an attack by right wing news network FOX News. As previously reported, LL slammed FOX for using an archived interview of him to promote former governor Sarah Palin’s new […]

Right wing network FOX News and Vice-President reject Sarah Palin have teamed up for a new talk show entitled “Real American Stories.” The show, which is scheduled to air April 4, is said to boast an eclectic trio of celebrity guests including Country music star Toby Keith and Queens bred MC LL Cool J in […]

“F is for the Fatty’s wearing my isshhh.” As was the case for lyrics in the golden era of Hip-Hop, FUBU was the brand that everybody was about in the urban community. Being helmed as For Us By Us, the company that was founded in 1992 was competing with the heavyweights such as Nike and […]

Ladies Love Cool James but apparently not the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. At least not yet. As Hip-Hop Wired previously reported, LL Cool J was up for contention during his first year of eligibility but it was announced that he didn’t make the final cut. Other artists that were up for contention as […]

The legendary Todd Smith a.k.a. LL Cool J, is bringing back the hits the world has come to know and love. LL boasts a laundry list of accomplishments including being the first rapper with four consecutive albums, first to earn four gold singles, first to hit No. 1 R&B, first to headline “MTV Unplugged. Now […]

“If Proof was alive, he’s be dying inside.  You ain’t no Hip-Hop messiah, you a Beyotch cause you dissed Mariah.  Shyte like that, supposed to be private.” “Pop Killer” It looks like old wounds heal slow as Canibus has set his sights back on Eminem to release another diss track at the Detroit native. Rumored […]

“Turn off the beat man, turn off the beat.” Canibus is a rapper whose career never catapulted to where it should have gone due to his inability to fully embrace and utilize his talent. Recently, he had some words for Invasion Radio when they asked him to freestyle alongside his Undergod partner, Keith Murray.  After […]

LL Cool J is showing no signs of slowing down after more than 20 years in the game. The Queens MC is about to receive some major paper from his moonlighting gig away from the mic. His new television series “NCIS: Los Angeles” has just been sold into syndication after only seven weeks on the […]

As you may have figured out after news of the VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009 Def Jam Tribute, KRS-One’s blackout on the red carpet and Redman’s Adidas collabo that Def Jam is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Finally, with all the Def Jam projects floating around the legendary label will release what it is […]

Does anybody else but me remember the days when VH1 was basically MTV really boring older sister? Well, those days are long gone and VH1 flaunted its hood pass again last night. On Wednesday, Sept. 23 VH1 had their Hip Hop Honors 2009 show which commemorated the 25th anniversary of Def Jam Records. Hosted by […]