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If RZA is directing a movie, in this case the martial arts flick The Man With The Iron Fists, then it goes without saying that he will have his hands in the score and the soundtrack. Here we have the artwork and tracklisting for the latter, and it’s clearly a family affair. You should have […]

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Hip-Hop has been spanning generations of fans for a long while now. Sons, dads and even granddads can feasibly all be listening to and appreciating the same rap songs at the same damn time. Same goes for artists, as RZA continued his Wu-Wednesdays by dropping “Just Can’t Get It Right,” featuring Boy Jones, who happens […]

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Even while figuring out ways to bring comic book superheros to the big screen or writing and directing a feature film, RZA finds time to record new music. The Wu-Tang Clan frontman drops a new track for his Wu-Wednesdays series called “Blowin In The Wind.” “Remember who writes these rhymes faster/Quench your thirst like the ice […]

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Running down the list is of Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA’s achievements over the last 20 years would impress anyone. Not only has the “Abbot” of the WTC created one of Hip-Hop’s most legendary crews along with cementing a rich musical legacy, Rzarector has channeled his vision into acting, scoring films and now a film company […]

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The trailer for the RZA directed The Man With The Iron Fists has arrived and it is nothing short of epic. Also written by the Wu-Tang Clan’s frontman, along with help from Eli Roth on the screenplay, the martial arts film stars Russell Crowe, Jamie Chung and Lucy Liu.