Black Twitter 100 2014 – Week 1

2. Desus and Mero @Desusnice and @THEKIDMERO New York, NY Followers: 33, 500 (Desus); 20,000 (Mero) Category: Slander Kings & Queens (Humor) Desus and Mero’s individual online presences must be respect, but together these two are a constant source of laughs and commentary. Building their lanes on Twitter and social media, the pair has turned their […]

3. Joe Budden @JoeBudden Jersey City, NJ Followers: 825,000 Joe Budden’s Twitter timeline is an endless stream of sharp digs, rants and much more. Sure, the Slaughterhouse rapper gets a little serious at times but for the most part he just unloads on the unsuspecting. He’s also not one to duck a little back and […]

4. ZEUS SPRINGSTEEN AKA Big Ghost @BigGhostLTD Location Unknown Followers: 38, 800 Category: Slander Kings & Queens (Humor) Big Ghost has been killing the Internet airwaves as a parody account of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killa. With a spot-on imitation of Toney Starks’ colorful language, everyone from Drake to Wale has felt the wrath of his […]

5. Sams From Lean On Me AKA BosNaud @Bosnaud Location Unknown Followers: 1, 943 While Bosnaud doesn’t have the largest following on Twitter, it shouldn’t matter. His timeline is always packed with short quips and jokes on everyone from Rap Genius to the Kanye and Kim wedding and much more.

6. Ice aka Officially Ice @OfficiallyIce Followers: 65, 000 Location: Unknown Everything you need to know about Ice is in his Twitter bio: “Just a regular n**ga who works at Footaction and tries to keep his check engine light off.” — Photo: Twitter

7. D’Brickashaw AKA Dragonfly Jonez @DragonflyJonez Followers: 34, 700 Location Unknown Dragonfly Jonez got snaps for days, and gives the business to sports stars, Hollywood celebrities, small children…ok, maybe not the kids. Anyway, the kid’s quite comical with it. — Photo: Twitter

8. Freshalina  @freshalina Followers: 27, 100 Location Unknown Freshalina’s Twitter page is hard to define, but one thing she’s pretty serious about is personal hygiene. So a warning: don’t go around Ms. Freshalina smelling like “boonk” or you’re going to catch it good. — Photo: Twitter

9. Fairy J. Blige AKA Kid Fury @KidFury Followers: 81, 700 New York, NY Kid Fury and Crissles thrill listeners with their joint podcast, The Read, but he’s quite a force all by himself. Dishing on everything from TV to trending topics, Kid Fury isn’t one to mince words for anyone. — Photo: Twitter

10. Damien Lemon  @dlemoncomedy Followers: 81. 700 New York, NY Comedian Damien Lemon uses his Twitter feed to promote his upcoming gigs, post videos, and crack on almost anyone. Few are spared the wrath of Lemon’s barbs. — Photo: Twitter

11. Rosetta Stoned AKA Kanye Breast @kanYeBreast Followers: Location Unknown Kanye Breast, fantastic user name aside, has been one of Black Twitter faves since joining the network in 2007. Equals parts humor, food discussion, slander and music discussion make up the bulk of her feed. — Photo: Twitter

12. Kris Rothstein AKA I Am Kris 24 @IAMKRIS24 Followers: 27, 100 Location Unknown I Am Kris 24 has unleashed legendary level of slander on the people, and is especially tough on the struggle rappers amongst you. Be warned, this guy goes for the jugular but just take it on the chin with a laugh. […]

13. #ImInTheOffice APP AKA The Loopy Blogger @TheLoopyBlogger Followers: 23, 900 Location Unknown The Loopy Blogger promotes his video blogs, and throws epic amounts of shade on all manner of current events. His Twitter stream is a constant mix of insults, insights and of course video blogs supporting his various points. — Photo: Twitter