Harvey Weinstein is probably going to die in prison. Today, the disgraced movie mogul and convicted rapist was sentenced to 23 years in jail.


When serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and sexual assault last month, he was immediately transferred to a hospital which led many to believe he was fronting for sympathy or he’d try to pull of an El Chapo style escape. Neither turned out to be true. Well, the latter of the two […]

Now that justice is now in process for the victims of Harvey Weinstein and Russell Simmons, the accusers are seeking some assistance.

Bill Cosby is firmly behind bars serving a 10-year sentence for sexual assault, which means, of course, his spokesperson thinks it’s time to show support for convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein. In a new statement, the spokesperson blasted the court’s decision to convict the powerful film producer.

Victims of Harvey Weinstein are finally seeing justice after a jury convicted the disgraced film mogul on charges of rape and sexual assault.

Mo’Nique is going to keep fighting her battles. The comedienne and actress has once again come for Oprah Winfrey.