Kevin Hart sat down with The Pivot podcast for a chat that went left after Channing Crowder shared he visits nudist colonies with his wife.

Comedian Kevin Hart is reportedly on the verge of opening two plant-based restaurants in Los Angeles. The bistros, which will be named Hart House, will feature items like vegan burgers and "chicken" sandwiches.

Kevin Hart isn't letting the recent news about streaming services losing steam stop him from securing bags.

. In a recent interview, Hart shared that discussing the details of the affair with his daughter was a difficult moment but also an effective learning lesson as well.

Hart plays a single dad navigating the ups and downs of fatherhood after losing his wife.

Kevin Hart is taking his talents into the podcast game thanks to a partnership with SiriusXM. This week the movie star announced his new show "Inside Jokes" with one of the most legendary comedians in the game as his first guest: Jerry Seinfeld.

COVID-19 doesn't discriminate. Comedian Kevin Hart became the latest celebrity to reveal they had the contagious virus.


Happy 4/20! While the stoners of the world celebrate today by lighting spliffs, joints, pipes, and apples amongst other things, Jim Jones is about to hold a Zoom conference with some of his celebrity pals to indulge in the all-natural love that only Mary Jane can offer.


Y’all asked for the comeback, and he complied.