50 Cent is taking his production talents elsewhere. He announced his deal with Starz is officially done.


Looks like 50 Cent’s Snoop Dogg series, A Moment In Time: Murder Was The Case is no longer going to be going into production and Curtis isn’t too happy about STARZ pulling the plug on his idea.

Is 50 Cent really going to leave Starz and take all his hit shows with him this time? Or is he once again trolling?

Even though Method Man is generally liked and respected throughout the globe his celebrity will not always save him. He now reveals how being on Shaolin time cost him a bag.


No word on when BOOK IV will premier but best believe the ratings for the premier will be through the roof as Tommy has long been one of the shows biggest stars who fans just couldn't get enough of.

There are only three episodes of Power left, but the show will have many legs thanks to several spinoffs on the way.