In the second documented act of police brutality in less than a week, Texas police officers are accused of displaying more force than needed on a man, a pastor, and his congregation. Jose Moran, Pastor of the Iglesia Profetica Peniel Church, was arrested early Wednesday morning; the official charge against him was interfering with the […]

dead prez has a few issues with President Obama’s Stimulus Plan. M1 and spoke exclusively with Hip-Hop Wired about how $3.2 billion is being used to further drive the prison industrial complex. stated, “ I’m just urging people to do the research so that they can be familiar with what their government is […]

Wow, so not only did Usher file for divorce last month but now he’s taking things a step further and seeking to establish paternity of his youngest son, Nayvid. WTF? Damn, Tameka, you really got yourself into some deep Shyte here. This soap opera is better than any mess you can find on TV. Read […]

What happened to the art of love making? Lately, sex is viewed as a quick way to get off and is often depicted in perverted fashions of lusty romp sessions with sweaty, growling men and women over dramatically screaming. Let it be known that, of course, sometimes couples do need to get aggressive and unleash […]

Federal Marshalls seized the $7 million Manhattan penthouse of Bernie Madoff Thursday. His wife, Ruth Madoff, was kicked out and forced to leave behind all of her possessions. According to the Associated Press, Ruth asked to take her fur coat with her and when she was told no she left with just a straw bag. […]

Even as the world has continued to try and bury the music career of G-Unit General 50 Cent, he continues to climb from the grave that people have tried to throw him in. Since the release of 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, rapper 50 Cent has seen a slow decline in sales, as well […]

A courtroom exploded with excitement as three men that were beaten by Philadelphia police in relation to a triple shooting in May 2008 have all been acquitted of charges. Brian Hall, 24, Dwayne Dyches, 26, and Pete Hopkins Jr., 20 were victims to a violent arrest by police as they were in pursuit of a […]

On what can only be described as a Twitter break down, Soulja Boy went off about “crackers” and people not knowing “who the fu*k he really is” late last night on Twitter. What set him off was a tweet from Ozone Magazine writer, Jen McKinnon, saying that she was disappointed in his Gangsta Grillz mixtape. […]

In a candid and downright strange interview with Men’s Health, Quincy Jones spoke about losing his longtime friend Michael Jackson. In the interview Jones is adamant that Michael never had the skin disease Vitiligo. Instead he says MJ used chemical peels to strip his skin of its color. “Oh, we talked about it all the […]

In this nation of Pro-life against Pro-choice, the battle lines often skew many integral issues abound. This is especially true when the social battles involve children. The usual mode of operation would have the forward thinking “left” against the archaic “right,” usually with one side emerging as the voice of sanity and the other left […]

Former Geto Boys member Wiilie D (If he’s convicted, we will know what the D stands for: Dumb A$$), has pleaded not guilty to 15 counts of wire fraud, according to court papers. According to The Houston Press, Willie D, real name William James Dennis, allegedly posed as an online salesman for a company that […]