In a candid and downright strange interview with Men’s Health, Quincy Jones spoke about losing his longtime friend Michael Jackson. In the interview Jones is adamant that Michael never had the skin disease Vitiligo. Instead he says MJ used chemical peels to strip his skin of its color. “Oh, we talked about it all the […]

In this nation of Pro-life against Pro-choice, the battle lines often skew many integral issues abound. This is especially true when the social battles involve children. The usual mode of operation would have the forward thinking “left” against the archaic “right,” usually with one side emerging as the voice of sanity and the other left […]

Former Geto Boys member Wiilie D (If he’s convicted, we will know what the D stands for: Dumb A$$), has pleaded not guilty to 15 counts of wire fraud, according to court papers. According to The Houston Press, Willie D, real name William James Dennis, allegedly posed as an online salesman for a company that […]

Life is changing for Lyfe Jennings. 2008 was a rough year for him after receiving negative press stemming from a gun charge. Instead of addressing the negativity, Lyfe stressed to Hip-Hop Wired the importance of taking the high road and shutting it out, a move that allowed him to focus on doing what he does […]

After showcasing he could hang with the O.G.’s after paying tribute to the O’Jays at The BET Awards, Trey Songz is now waiting to unveil his third LP, Ready, dropping August 4. Already rocking the airwaves with the new singles “LOL” and “I Need A Girl” and getting heavy spins with his collaborations with Toronto’s […]

06) 06 Do you have the Stamina – Kanye West Prod by

2001, marked the year of many historical events in the music industry as well as the world. Jay-Z introduced us to the classic known as The Blueprint and the world was given the first taste of the MC that spelled his name F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S. Tragically, the terrorist attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers and brought New […]