Does it ever stop?! North Korea is back in the news again! This time, North Korea is suspected of trying to disable and hack into the White House and other U.S. intelligent websites. Also cyber attacked were eleven South Korean websites. According to South Korea’s spy agency the National Intelligence Service, “An organization and possibly […]

One of the most debated issues in modern music today may have just been resolved. According to Reuters news service, an agreement was reached Tuesday on how money should be split between companies and artists from streaming music on the Internet. With the agreement, large music streaming companies will pay artists and copyright owners

Even the “Greatest Rapper Alive” needs help from time to time, and apparently, one of those times is at hand. Dwayne Carter, known to the world as Lil’ Wayne, has enlisted the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in his quest to remain a free man after being charged with possessing an illegal weapon. […]

Using the latest and quickest way to spread news, Raekwon the Chef confirmed via Twitter that his album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 would be released on September 8th. The album was supposed to drop in early

Teddy Riley, the father of “New Jack Swing” recalls his time with the “King of Pop.” As the world celebrates the life of Michael Jackson, one man truly has things to share when the moment arrives to “Remember The Time.” Producer Teddy Riley, who worked with Michael on the Dangerous, Blood on the Dance Floor […]

“The People’s Champ” Paul Wall stays on his grind and besides hitting fans up with those platinum grill spitting lyrics, Paul has also launched a clothing line called Expensive Taste. Supplying some of flyest T-shirts for the winter and summer as well as some head wear including New Era sponsored fitted caps, Paul Wall spoke […]

Houston Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson introduced House Resolution 600 at the Michael Jackson memorial. If passed, the Resolution will honor The King of Pop as an American legend, musical icon and world humanitarian. Congresswoman Jackson described Michael saying he is: “Someone who will be honored forever and forever and forever and forever and forever.” Before MJ […]

Richard Anthony McTear, Jr.’s time on earth may be cut short if Florida prosecutors have their way. They are seeking the death penalty for McTear who threw a bay infant out of a car onto Interstate 275 on May 5th. Arrested in May after a confrontation at his former girlfriend’s apartment, the 21-year old Florida […]

President Obama visited Russia for the first time since being elected. He delivered a keynote speech today at the New Economic School in Moscow to the graduating class. He urged Russia to move on from the cold war and become one of America’s allies. “It is difficult to forge a lasting partnership between former adversaries, […]

For generations, the Kennedy family served as the benchmark for what the ideal family should resemble. With wealth, influence, and a massive public relations campaign that functioned solely to sustain the perfect image that was crafted by the family patriarch, criminal turned politician, Joe Kennedy. All of that hard work could have been in vain […]

The Arkansas prison where T.I. is serving his year long sentence is allowing visitation again. Visitation was shut down for two weeks at the Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex after a gastrointestinal virus scare. 158 inmates reported symptoms of the virus and one inmate