Longetivity in Hip-Hop is pretty much unheard of unless you possess the true talent and heart of spitting. But 16 years and counting… That’s approaching living icon status and is a very short list alongside the likes of LL Cool J and Ice-Cube. Recently releasing his eighth album, Back On My B.S., Busta Rhymes shares […]

Hip-Hop Wired delves into the mind of filmmaker Ava Duvernay, and Good Life M.C, Abstract Rude to explore the Good Life Era and its place and impact on Hip-Hop culture Snoop kicked down skyscrapers in New York in the 90’s because he was tired of West Coast MC’s being viewed and defined through the condescending […]

In an unforeseen and unprovoked move, Ja Rule says that he is ready to make a comeback, with this upcoming agenda possibly set to ruffle more than a few feathers. Supposedly returning with a “chip” on his shoulders, the former face of what used to be a glorious stable and lucrative franchise in Irv Gotti’s […]

In a video blog from the Game’s world tour, the Game takes us into the bathroom of his Madrid hotel room. He proudly shows off a new Michael Jackson tattoo on his right forearm and his toiletries in his Bvlgari bag. For twelve minutes he rants aimlessly about Nyquil, deodorant and Jergen’s lotion for “all […]

Rapper Jay-Z continues to be bombarded with lawsuits from his 40/40 club. His most recent comes from his own lawyer, Michael DiMattia, who states that Hova has not been paying him and the legal firm that representing him on the lawsuit. DiMattia now plans to quit as Jay’s attorney after filing a federal lawsuit over […]

Chauncey Lamont Hawkins, internationally known as Loon of the former Bad Boy dynasty Loon, captured the hearts and minds of audiences with a smooth flow accentuated by an easy going demeanor that left fans clamoring for more. Often the butt of much criticism for having a style and sound that mimicked platinum selling artist and […]

It’s been no secret that Drake and Lil Wayne’s ‘Every Girl in the World’ performance at the 2009 BET awards was not only awkward, but offensive to several thousand people. Let us repaint the picture for you. Drake, whom recently tore his ACL, performed his hit single ‘Best I Ever Had,’ while sitting on a […]

It wasn’t bad enough that MJ’s doctors have all come into question regarding his death and the fact that they facilitated the destruction of the world’s greatest performer but now its being said that one of MJ’s doctors might have been hitting Janet off with some illegal prescriptions too.

Serena and Venus Williams went head to head at Wimbledon’s women’s singles final this weekend with Serena ultimately winning 7-6, 6-2. The win is the 11th grand slam title for Serena. She is also the current winner of three titles from the Australian Open, the U.S. Open and now Wimbledon. Just last year, the exact […]

While many people were able to enjoy the fireworks over the weekend, residents of Cherokee County, South Carolina were forced into their homes in fear with their doors tightly locked. The Fourth of July was cancelled indefinitely. Investigators have been on the hunt for a serial killer. A sketch was released Friday of a man […]

For a certain sect of Hip-Hop, 9th Wonder leaving the Little Brother world was as earth shattering as the Pangea split. For Rapper Big Pooh, however, it’s all part of evolution. Pooh had been feeling the urge to express his self as a solo artist since the group’s critically acclaimed 2003 debut, The Listening, and […]