Written on paper, this looks to be the ultimate offering for fans. Four MCs that have all proven themselves to be formidable lyricists have joined forces on a single project. However, everything on paper doesn’t always translate once the work is put in and the material begins to come together. There is an exception to […]

Lisa Leslie made WNBA history as the first female player to score 6,000 points. The historic moment happened Monday when she led the Los Angeles Sparks to victory over the Indiana Fever. She scored an 11-foot jumper as the shot-clock buzzed with 11.9 seconds left before halftime. She started the year with 5,909 points and […]

The FBI is investigating New Orleans police involved in the infamous Danzinger Bridge Incident. On Sep. 4.2005 police shot and killed two people including a mentally retarded man and injured four others. The incident happened six days after Hurricane Katrina igniting racial tension in the New Orleans community. The Associated Press reports that a state […]

The Brooklyn rapper must be limitless in what he can do in his career. From not allowing iTunes members to buy American Gangster from the iTunes Store to establishing a deal to create a rejuvenated Roc Nation imprint, Jay-Z has no bounds. This time around he may have even caught the attention of Oprah as […]

The legendary “Ladies Love Cool James” is paying his respects to the king of pop. The self proclaimed G.O.A.T. released a tribute to Michael Jackson to be featured on his website, Boomdizzle.com. The song is titled “Billie Jean Dream: Written By Michael” and is a cover of the king’s #1 hit. LL raps on the […]

The man who open-fired at a Pittsburgh L.A. Fitness, killing four woman and later turned the gun on himself, had a long history of radical anti-government sentiment dating back to the early days of the web. In this case, police have discovered a journal the murderer kept the year before he committed this gruesome crime. […]

Beef has officially slipped from wax and a clear misunderstanding has transitioned from a war of words to an open challenge to brawl. Since Joe Budden was clipped by one of Raekwon’s entourage, he states that the only means of redemption is to fight at this point. Monday, the day before the release of his […]

What seemed to be normal courtroom proceedings in Joliet, Illinois quickly turned bizarre when a spectator was jailed for yawning. Clifton Williams was in no way the defendant that day in the courtroom, he was simply a witness to his cousin’s sentencing on drug charges. As Judge Daniel Rozak was delivering Williams’ cousin a two-year […]

Much of the landscape of Roc-A-Fella has changed dramatically since they were running the rap game early in 2000. The dramatic change is that it no longer exists as Jay-Z not only left Def Jam, but has also been building on Roc Nation with artists by the likes of Wale and J. Cole, but it […]

HipHopWired: Test can you take some time to introduce the world to who you are and where your origins came from for those that don’t know. Maff Test: Maff Test, also known as Young Harvey, out of Southside Chicago. Maff came from the old school of clocking math and test came from my view on […]