After showcasing he could hang with the O.G.’s after paying tribute to the O’Jays at The BET Awards, Trey Songz is now waiting to unveil his third LP, Ready, dropping August 4. Already rocking the airwaves with the new singles “LOL” and “I Need A Girl” and getting heavy spins with his collaborations with Toronto’s […]

06) 06 Do you have the Stamina – Kanye West Prod by

2001, marked the year of many historical events in the music industry as well as the world. Jay-Z introduced us to the classic known as The Blueprint and the world was given the first taste of the MC that spelled his name F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S. Tragically, the terrorist attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers and brought New […]

It was a just a matter of time and we all knew it was coming. The frivolous law suits and claims to Michael Jackson’s fortune have begun. Now Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun (Yeah, Who, we never heard of her either), is claiming to be “The King Of Pop’s” wife and is laying claims to his […]

We’ve all heard the stories about the vindictive ex wives and girlfriends and how they use their kids to manipulate the situations and destroy the relationships between men and their kids. Our sister site LiveSteez spoke with several distraught gentlemen and here’s what they had to say:

Run-DMC, the Hip-Hop trio that shattered musical barriers and paved the way for the future of Hip-Hop, has left its mark in New York. Composed of Joseph Simmons as Run, Darryl McDaniels as DMC and Jason Mizel as Jam Master Jay, the trio is famed for crossing rock and rap in the music industry with […]