$10 Million

As Catholics around the world rejoice over the selection of a new Pope, a nearly $10 million s*x abuse stain still covers the church’s reputation. The L.A. Archdiocese will pay the aforementioned hefty fee, to four men who claim to have been abused by a priest.

In a complaint filed yesterday in the Eastern District of New York, an artist named “Warm Speakers” is suing Mac Miller, DatPiff and Rostrum Records for $10 Million for allegedly stealing his music. According to HipHopDX, Warm Speakers, real name, Patrick Berlinquette, says his song  “The World Around You” registered its copyright on June 20, 2011. This year, […]

You’re a psychic if you saw this one coming. Renowned Bronx rapper/producer Lord Finesse is suing Mac Miller for $10 million. The “Return of the Funky Man” rapper’s lawsuit alleges that Miller’s song,  “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza (The Kool Aid Song),” used Finesse’s “Hip 2 The Game” instrumental without his permission, reports Courthouse News. “This […]