2020 Presidential race

After the historic turnout for both groups during the 2020 Presidential Election, both Black and Brown women have taken notice of their political influence and intend to spark change. While the revolution is, in theory, going forward without the overt assistance of white women, many will be involved because of their sheer numbers, but overall the last two elections have proven that Black and Brown women have a voice loud enough to march on its own.

On Monday (Nov 9), the new Vice-President-elect took to Twitter to share a special message for Black women, who once again saved the election with their overwhelming support at the polls, noting that the significant win "couldn't have happened" without Black women's diligence.

America has spoken, Donald Trump was fired, and Spike Lee celebrated the momentous occasion in the most Brooklyn way possible.

According to published reports, the former Vice President by surpassing President Obama for the most popular votes, garnering a whopping 70 million votes, making him 2.7 million votes ahead in the popular vote of President Donald Trump via the Associated Press.

Cardi B is all of us when she shared how she's dealing with the anxiety of the 2020 Presidential election. Who smokes three cigarettes at once like a G? Cleary she's done this before.

As expected, Donald Trump is continuing to muddy the 2020 presidential election. Twitter is not having it.

As the election nears we've noticed the increasing amount of rappers caping for Donald Trump. Not only did they receive a ton of backlash, they sometimes regretted their misinformed support for the president. We created a list and decided they were all the ops.

Ice Cube heart is in the right place, but his execution is the pure definition of struggle.

On Sunday (Oct 25), CBS aired the edited 60 Minute episode that featured Trump's response to the "tough questions" asked by veteran journalist Lesley Stahl. The episode, which opens with a seemingly already upset Trump ended up bolstering a whopping 16 lies in less than 30 minutes, according to CNN fact-checkers, with the biggest and most notable lie being about his response to the pandemic and his still unrevealed healthcare plan.

On Saturday (Oct. 24) while campaigning in Miami, the 44th President slammed President Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic and reckless and maniacal tweets aimed at critics, adding the joke that “Florida Man wouldn’t even do this stuff.” 

On Thursday (Oct. 22), the nation tuned in hesitantly and unsure of what to expect of the second and final 2020 Presidential Debate after Donald Trump's embarrassing and abysmal performance and the first debate last month.