Adam “Pacman” Jones is about to do a skid bid for cheating in a casino. The NFL cornerback has agreed to plead guilty to cheating in a casino and will get 10 days in jail and a year and a half of probation for his struggle.

If Pacman Jones is in the airport minding his business, let him be. A man, and ex-airport worker, who was talking enough ish to Jones that it led to fisticuffs has been hit with a 1-year jail sentence. 

Adam “Pacman” Jones might have earned some hood cred after delivering an exquisite and well-deserved fade inside ATL airport, but he’s undoing all that goodwill with a newly surfaced clip. The free agent cornerback told TMZ Sports that he’s no fan of the NFL National Anthem protests and wants them to find another way to […]

Pacman Jones has been one with the legal struggle at several instances over the course of his career, and the Cincinnati Bengals player had yet another run-in with the law earlier this month. Footage of Jones’ verbally berating a city police officer went public, and the player has since apologized for his outburst.

Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones is in trouble with the law again. This time he is being charged with assaulting three people including a cop and a nurse.

The NFL’s Adam “Pacman” Jones has ducked some trouble, this time. After claiming self-defense, the cornerback was found not guilty of punching a woman outside of a Cincinnati bar called Tin Roof back in June 2013.

Sometime you have to just walk away. Controversial NFL cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones turned himself him yesterday (June 10) and was arrested for striking a woman outside of a Cincinnati bar called Tin Roof. There is surveillance footage of the incident and Jones claims he only struck the woman in self defense.