Apparently, comedian, actor, and former Richard Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein is still pressed about Quaker Oats updating the historically racist Aunt Jemima brand and replacing it with a racially neutral and far less mammy-era-inspired brand, because conservative white people in America just really love their anti-Black nostalgia despite their insistence that America was not founded […]

The pancake mix and syrup brand will now be known as the Pearl Milling Company, but the name change isn't exactly sitting that well with some.

Master P is bossing up in the consumer packaged goods industry. He now has his sights on the everyday foods we grew up with.

Barry Presgraves, the mayor of Luray, used Facebook to make the racist quip.

For over 130 years, the image of the smiling Black woman that adorned the brand's syrup bottles and pancake mix boxes greeted customers. Quaker Oats, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, is also promising to rename the brand.

Paula Deen has done a lot of stupid sh-t in her lifetime, but dressing someone up like Aunt Jemima isn’t one of them. Deen denies new allegations that she wanted one of her Black employees in an outfit similar to the queen of flapjacks.

A cartoon depicting State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio in an Jemima-esque light has gotten Cleveland’s black newspaper the Call & Post in hot water. The move comes after Turner became the only Black elected official to support the controversial county government reform, to be accomplished via “Issue 6.” Many of the senators supporters claim […]

A student at a Long Island high school was sent home Friday after showing up to school dressed like Aunt Jemima and toting around a syrup bottle asking, “You want some pancakes?” Commack High School senior, 17-year-old Dean Jeziorkowski, donned a wig, bandanna, and makeup for the costume. School officials ordered the boy to wash […]