back together?

All ratchet things must come to an end. Last Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York was its season finale, and there were plenty of head scratching moments to make us genuinely wonder what will become of this cast of struggle filled characters.

Remember that Prodigy versus Havoc debacle that involved slanderous tweets, jailhouse house sodomy accusations and an allegedly stolen phone? Well despite the shenanigans it seems like Mobb Deep is back together and is prepping to go on a world tour this fall. 

Of course Chris Brown and Rihanna would spend Christmas together. Why wouldn’t they? Don’t answer that. Everyone’s (who cares) favorite quasi-dysfunctional couple was spotted at today’s Knicks vs. Lakers game in Los Angeles. That’s right, Rih Rih and Breezy were live and in the flesh courtside, instead of their usual Instagram haunts, for the world […]