After announcing his latest venture Greenwood, a digital bank launched with his close friend, Bounce TV founder Ryan Glover, the leadership team at Greenwood, which includes former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, unveiled their new platform on Thursday after raising more than $3 million in seed funding in June.

The divorce proceedings between Dr. Dre and his soon to be ex-wife are uncovering some serious dirt. She has apparently left a paper trail of pilfering from the piggy bank.

While the plight of the Black community is still top of mind for many the less than treatment continues. Reports show our entrepreneurs are not being given a fair shake when it comes to federal support.

21 Savage continues to boss up even in these challenging times. He is helping the younger generation prepare for their future.

“What you think man, time to rob a bank,” goes the refrain on the chorus to this new Pac Div tune called “Bank.” Hey, it’s only entertainment folks. Like, Mibbs and Be Young spit verses vividly detailing bank heists over a brooding beat from producer Scoop Deville. The song is set to a appear on […]

One month ago, Maxi Sopo was a free man, resting deep within the embrace of hedonistic wiles. Now, he is probably resisting the aggressively persistent embrace of “Big” Bubba from cell block D, as federal authorities have finally apprehended the flighty criminal. All thanks to the social networking behemoth known as Facebook. Federal authorities claim […]