Lil’ Kim is hoping for a break in her ongoing bankruptcy case and has asked the judge in the matter to put a pause to the seizure of her New Jersey mansion. According to The Blast, the Brooklyn rapper wants to work on getting her finances in order and looking to save the home.


Lil’ Kim and her financial woes became public after she filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy last month. The Brooklyn rapper’s New Jersey mansion is under a threat to be auctioned off after she missed a mortgage payment

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50 Cent is suing his former business managers for flubbing his bankruptcy filings.

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Curtis Jackson, better known to the rest of us as rapper 50 Cent, has been enduring an ongoing battle with creditors due to his recent bankruptcy filing. The business mogul dodged a bullet by reaching a deal with his creditors on Wednesday, but that still hasn’t stopped the Queens native from his comical trolling on […]

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50 Cent has finally sold his Connecticut mega-mansion and it only took him about 10 years. The new sprawling estate, formerly owned by Mike Tyson, will be turned into living facility for the elderly.

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50 Cent‘s excessive Instagram stuntin’ has led to a court date. A Hartford, CT judge want to see the rapper in person to discuss all the cash he’s been flashing, despite claiming bankruptcy. 

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If 50 Cent’s new bankruptcy documents are accurate, his net worth isn’t what it used to be. The G-Unit mogul’s assets total around $16 million, which includes the $7 million he has in the bank.


Trick Daddy, the unofficial Mayor of the County of Dade (that would be Miami) is bankrupt. You can blame at least part of his struggle on three baby mamas, allegedly. 


There’s a reason the late, great Notorious B.I.G. infamously said, “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

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50 Cent is still trying to duck and dodge Rick Ross’ baby mama’s hefty settlement with claims that he’s not and rich and not lying.

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50 Cent‘s new motto should be don’t pay Rick Ross’ baby mama that $5M plus the judge says you owe her or die trying. In court today (July 21), Ferrari claimed all that wealth he rapped about and flaunted on social media was just a facade.