The famed statue of The Notorious B.I.G., which first debuted in the rapper's native Brooklyn is returning to the borough as part of a new exhibition on Black art and resistance beginning next week.

Holding up the line and claiming that the BLM sign "caused the whole problem" of people arguing outside the shop's window, the seemingly 6-months pregnant Knofler had no problem recording his entire rant about the sign being racist as he spoke in a foreign accent (can't make this stuff up in 2020).


Gentrification has been a real thing in Brooklyn for some time now. So much so that the King of New York’s former residence probably can’t be afforded by most of his hardcore fans.

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The political and spiritual journey of former Nation Of Islam (NOI) minister Conrad Tillard has been unfolding over the last decade.  After leaving the NOI, Tillard became a Christian minister. Now, the former “Hip-Hop Minister” is eyeing a New York City council seat in Brooklyn.