A Black fashion student was allegedly brutally assaulted by Hasidic Jewish men in Brooklyn. According to Taj Patterson, gay slurs were hurled his way during the beating that left him with a grotesquely black eye and other injuries including a detached retina.


George Zimmerman is unhappy with the judge in his second-degree murder case. Judge Kenneth Lester has released the accused killer from custody twice, but Zimmerman is still not satisfied. He has requested a new judge citing bias as the reason. According to his legal team, Lester is being discriminatory against Zimmerman in his decision to […]


The United States Justice Department has had a very busy year in 2009. According to federal records, this year saw more cases involving hate crime in since , indicating that there was a drop in hate crimes during the Bush years. “I was rather shocked to see the downtick in prosecutions of hate crimes,” remarked […]

The progressing development of Chris Brown and Rihanna and the directions of their careers has placed me in a position to question where all of this really came from.  Now in no shape or form is domestic abuse acceptable or excusable in any right.  In that fact, there is never a valid reason for one […]