Boom (Overdoz Album)

The close of last year came so fast that Hip-Hop fans may have missed Overdoz.’s BOOM! mixtape. If that’s the case, a worthy reminder can be seen via this visual for “Hiroshima/Baby Steps.”

When good music releases, it’s recognized and respected. Now, imagine if that was consistently true in Hip-Hop culture. Certain artists have actually garnered a fan base that are willing to wait for new material longer than most, because the product will be that damn good. Cue in Overdoz., a larger Los Angeles collective that’s represented […]

OverDoz. are a pack of wild boys with serious skills who don’t take themselves too seriously. Kent, Cream, P, Joon are Californians by trade by due to their various exploits and capers, they renamed it Bluntville. For the unfamiliar, they’ve made it easy for you to hop on their cloud with their new mixtape, BOOM.

With so much drama in the 213, OverDoz. and Nipsey Hussle have linked for a Westside connection to address the snakes in the grass.