A report from the Department of Justice revealed that its investigation of the Louisville Metro Police Department showed that it exhibited constant racial abuse of its Black citizens and those with behavioral issues. The 90-page report showed that officers routinely hurled racial epithets and utilized excessive force, particulalry against those protesting the death of Breonna Taylor in 2020.


Four current and former Louisville, KY police officers involved in a fatal raid on the apartment of Breonna Taylor have been charged in her death by the Feds. According to the DOJ, their crimes including lying in order to secure the warrant that was used to search her home.

Brett Hankison, an officer involved in the fatal raid, was found not guilty on Thursday (Mar. 4) which sparked protests across Lousiville and beyond.

Megan Thee Stallion and Fashion Nova have donated a large sum of money in honor of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old who was killed in a botch raid by police last year.

It's been one year since the nation learned of the horrific details of Breonna Taylor's death. While the nation rallies together in remembrance of her loss, her family continues to demand justice for their loss. We list what has happened in her case over the year.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, famously called out by Megan Thee Stallion, did the absolute minimum when it came to seeking justice for Breonna Taylor, the innocent Black woman killed whiles sleeping in her bed during a botched police raid. So much so, that members of the Grand Jury are calling for his impeachment.

Erika Shields stepped down last summer after the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks, and now heads a police department with its own checkered history.

According to published reports, the Louisville, Kentucky, officer who obtained the no-knock warrant and the officer who fired the fatal bullet in the raid of the home of Breonna Taylor both received notice on Tuesday that the police department intends to fire them.

Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of the late Breonna Taylor, has a supporter in billionaire Tyler Perry after receiving a $100k donation towards his defense fund for his lawsuit against one of the officers responsible for Taylor's murder.

Kenneth Walker shot one of the officers in the leg after they forced their way into the couple's apartment and shooting Taylor dead as she slept.


We doubt anything will come of people calling out this miscarriage of justice but hopefully with a new administration some changes will actually be made. Vote come November, y'all.

According to published reports, Cameron petitioned the Government to pay for armed security for him and his wife after receiving "credible" threats. The Government Contract Review Committee gave its approval to the embattled attorney general’s request to hire security after there apparently were “several serious, credible threats to the Attorney General’s health, welfare, and, safety,” according to documents from Cameron’s office.