Science has often pointed to the fact that earth’s first people were of dark skin and the idea that modern man’s roots were in the continent of Africa. On Tuesday (Feb. 6) in Britain, scientists at University College London unveiled its oldest reconstructed skeleton which reveals that the nation’s first people were also of dark […]

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Britain, at one point one of the world’s Superpower countries, took a historic vote to break away from the multi-state European Union. The decision has sent ripples through global stock markets and could have a major impact on the West.

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The Wire, HBO’s celebrated crime drama, has more staying power than a little bit due to the ongoing careers of some the show’s beloved characters. However, nothing could have prepared us to see  Detective Jimmy McNulty, aka Dominic West, spitting bars in a cipher.


A fatal hot air balloon crash in Egypt Tuesday (Feb. 26) killed 19 during an accident near Luxor. Most of those dead are tourists.

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It helps to have the biggest name in music on your side, especially if you’ve managed to piss off millions of people on national television. Luckily for Kanye, his longtime friend and RocNation President, Jay-Z, is standing up for him. While still riding high on breaking Elvis’s record for most number 1 albums in history, […]