Byrd Lady

Since “breaking up the band” that was the Diplomats, rapper Cam’Ron has been steadily building his own comeback and providing a platform for artist Vado. Now with the Boss Of All Bosses series out, the Harlem native is set to work on his post-Dipset compilation album with his new group The U.N. Dropping the album […]

“Let’s go Avatar on these n*ggas.  Biggest movie ever!” – DJ Drama Originally slated to drop January 4, DJ Drama was able to take a quick detour from making money on the road to finally drop the sequel mixtape project, Boss Of All Bosses 2, with Cam’Ron. Delivering the original Boss Of All Bosses back […]

Rapper and Co-founder of New York’s Dipset Empire, Cam’ron, is delving deeper into the world of business. He is announcing plans to start a new company called The U.N. and a subdivision, Dipset West. The two new business deals will be an expansion of Dipset which currently includes music, film and DVDs. He also divulged […]