Ray-J’s mouth got him into a fight early this morning. The singer/reality TV star was recorded getting into a heated argument with a woman, which kicked off after he called her a “fat b-tch,” and ended in a physical fight.

Kate Upton might be going back to high school—at least for prom. Jake Davidson, a high school senior in California, recorded a video asking out the voluptuous Sports Illustrated cover girl, garnering him national attention, and a response from Upton.

It took him a while, but a 32-year-old man will finally have his wish, of being adopted into his former foster family, granted. Maurice Griffin of California, is prepping to be adopted, a dream of which had to be put on hold, until he reached adulthood.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—even if that man happens to be robbing you. Police in Santa Ana, Calif. are on the hunt for a robber who broke into a couple of apartments Monday, and demanded that one victim cook for him.   With both apartments in the same complex […]

MC Hammer was arrested in Dublin, Calif. Thursday (Feb. 21)  for obstruction, and claims to have been racially profiled. In a series of tweets, the legendary rapper blasted reports that he resisted police.

We already knew this information, but authorities have just now confirmed that the charred body found inside a cabin in Big Bear, Calif. was that of Christopher Dorner. Authorities were able to use dental records to confirm the identity of the corpse.

While the rest of the world was on the edge of their seats wondering what would happen next in the story of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, his mom was kicking back with some chips and salsa. Dorner’s mother, Nancy, reportedly watched live footage of her son’s standoff with authorities at a mexican restaurant in […]

Police in Big Bear California have been engaged in a gun battle with former police officer Christopher Dorner.

Christopher Dorner has found a fan in Ab-Soul. Dorner, wanted for killing three people, has been seeking revenge on the Los Angeles Police Department, with no one aware of what his next move will be.

A California collision between a tour bus and a two vehicles, killed at least eight, and injured more than 40 Sunday (Feb.3). The massive crash, on a stretch of highway near Yucaipa, happened at around 6:30 p.m.

Mitt Romney may be a multimillionaire but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a good bargain. Romney was seen  with his wife, Ann, stocking up on just about everything during a trip to Costco in La Jolla, Calif. this week.

After dropping what is arguably the best album of the year in good kid, m.A.A.d City, Kendrick Lamar can now take in all of the well deserved praise.