News that a Mississippi baby born with HIV was cured of the virus made for a huge scientific breakthrough, and now comes a report that the child was never infected. Newly released information about the child’s status was unveiled at an annual HIV conference in Atlanta, last week.


Amid growing controversy, the Center for Disease Control has contacted HipHopWired directly to release a statement on their report that 48% of all Black women have genital herpes. In an interview with The Root, Dr. John Douglas, the director of the division of STD Prevention at the National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention […]

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According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention study, the Southern half of the United States has the highest AIDS related death rate, surpassing any other section of the United States. Approximately 46% of new AIDS cases in the year 2007 were from the South, beating the average set by the Northeast (25%) and […]


America seems to be going through a second sexual revolution of sorts, with this foray into one of man’s most carnal acts proving to be more harmful than good. A recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions showed that the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is steadily continuing to rise after […]