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The city of Memphis continues to celebrate the legacy of Young Adolph. A street has been named after him in his hometown.

The legacy of Young Dolph will continue to live on in his hometown. The city of Memphis has announced that a street will be named after him.

While tensions continue to rise due to violence against AAPI some companies have shown their allegiance with the Asian community. One brand, Chinatown Market, will be doing a big pivot to do so.

During her interview with HipHopDx, the Queen of Da Souf rapper revealed that she is considering a name change due to the criticism.

Diddy continues to evolve every year and 2020 will be no different. The mega mogul is asking us all to put respeck on his new vibes via a new name.

Calling a team the Washington Football Team” is offensive to Native Americans, period. President Barack Obama seems to agree after noting in a recent interview that the Washington Washington Football Team should think about changing their name when considering how many people are offended by its use.

Rappers changing their name is nothing uncommon, but rap veteran N.O.R.E. is the latest to join the trend as he gets ready to release his next solo album.