Now that the weather is up to par, NYC is booming with various celebrity events. Jonathan Mannion continued to promote his new AKOO collaboration with a few famous faces coming in to join the fun.

As millions across the nation will be celebrating the holidays tomorrow, many will unfortunately be without a warm meal and fellowship. In New York, however, TV personality Chef Roblé and production company By Any Means will join forces to feed 1,500 people on Thanksgiving.

Reality TV star Chef Roblé (born Roblé Ali) is a certified Hip-Hop fan. To make his rhyme and food cypher complete, he created the Food-Tang Clan, a rap parody group with cuts like “Grubbin’ Problems” (patterned off A$AP Rocky’s “F-ckin’ Problems.”)

Known Hip-Hop enthusiast Roblé Ali, better known as Chef Roblé of Bravo’s of Chef Roblé & Co., has assembled a rap parody group. We can’t blame you if CB4 is the first thing that comes to mind, but the young chef isn’t trying his hand at living the street life a la MC Gusto. Instead, he sticks to what he […]