chicago gang violence

President Donald Trump house servant pastor Darrell Scott made an embarrassment of himself this week after he made a verbal goof in saying Chicago gang leaders were ready to work with the administration to curb violence. Pastor Scott said that his statement was a mistake and there are no talks between the president and gang leaders.

In the latest series of shootings since the gang-styled execution of 9-year-old Chicago boy, Tyshawn Lee, the boy’s father has been charged in a retaliation shooting. Pierre Jones shot the girlfriend of one of the men who killed his son, just hours after details emerged Lee’s captors intended to torture him.

If you aren’t familiar with the Gangster Disciples then ask Rick Ross. Former OG Harold “Noonie G” Ward is set to release his second book with a foreword written by 50 Cent and an afterward by Diddy.

On Monday the Supreme court overturned a ruling that upheld Chicago’s 28-year ban on handguns.  This is a victory for gun-rights activists. The 5-4 vote upheld the Second Amendment right to extend to city, state and federal laws.  As we previously reported, this ruling comes a few days after the Chicago mayor Richard Daley vowed […]

60 people were shot and 10 were killed in Chicago’s Southside this past week. After a 40 person shooting spree in just one weekend, Chicago mayor Richard Daley is looking to reinforce his stance to ban the sale of handguns in the city. Over a 48 hour span- 60 people were shot and 10 were […]