child protective services

The state of Texas is getting a bad rap, thanks in part to a Dallas woman has been arrested on suspicion of trying to sell her newborn in the newspaper. Brittany Hill, 26, was arrested on Child Abandonment charges Friday (June 22). She placed her 4-month-old son for sale for the bargain price of $4,000, […]

On Sunday, a mother was arrested and has been accused of starving her child to death while inside an empty apartment. The child, Halle Smith, 8, weighed around 15 pounds around the time of her death and Child Protective Services stated that the pictures taken at the time of her death were disturbing and reveal […]

In a disturbing turn of events, reports have stated that an 11 year old girl gave birth to a child on December 12 of last year. The twist is that the father of the child is actually her stepfather who is now being placed under investigation for sexual assault and is currently residing in the […]