Chris Matthews

For over two decades, Chris Matthews was a familiar figure in the vast world of cable news as a host for the MSNBC nightly news program, Hardball. Matthews’ tenure with the show ended on Monday (March 3) after he resigned live on air at the time of the broadcast, blindsiding his colleagues in the process.

Chris Matthews, the longtime host of MSNBC’s Hardball show, is at the center of a controversy involving a comment he made off the air towards Hilary Clinton. Ahead of a 2016 interview, Matthews made a tasteless joke about giving the then-presidential hopeful a Bill Cosby pill that was caught on a hot mic.

Note to anyone looking to slam President Obama or even Mitt Romney: learn the meaning of the words you try to use to slander them. A Romney supporter was put on blast by MSNBC host Chris Mathews during last week’s vice presidential debate, when she yelled out that the commander in chief was a communist. What […]

Chris Matthews of MSNBC is catching some heat after stating that he “forgot President Barack Obama was Black for an hour” following his State of The Union address. Following the President’s speech, Matthews was providing his providing his commentary when he said, “I forgot he was Black tonight for an hour….I said, wait a minute […]