Hillborough County, Florida is the sight of something as unusual as Lions gallivanting with sheep. Inmates at an Orient Road Jail were caught on camera while saving a senior prison guard from a swiftly approaching death. Deputy Kenneth Moon, 64, was working at his work station when a 24-year-old inmate attacked him.     At the […]

In a non-startling display of party operating policy, the Dallas County GOP has officially claimed defeat in their pursuit of Black constituents, leaving local party leaders and organizations to the political wolves. Calvin Stephens, chairman of the beleaguered party’s Dallas chapter, has acknowledged the organization’s demise. “It kind of dissipated,” remarked Stephens. “The enthusiasm we […]

The violence that befell Tasha Hill at a Georgia Cracker Barrel have ignited the flames of change nationally as outside forces are taking actions to make sure that hatred, intolerance, and bigotry are “officially” outlawed in public. Known for its specific brand of injustice, Cracker Barrel has been a hotbed for racially motivated incidents, with […]